Compendium of International, Regional and National Legal Instruments on Forced Displacement



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This Compendium aims to provide an accessible reference for research on international, regional and national law relating to forced displacement. It is organized to present information about a significant number of international, regional and national legal instruments that affect the forcibly displaced persons. These legal instruments are organized by topic (international, regional and national). The list of instruments is not exhaustive. Many of the entries for multilateral agreements contained in this Compendium include brief summaries of the nature and terms of the agreement and how it relates to forced displacement; as appropriate, the entry for the agreement includes short-hand references to specific provisions dealing with or relevant to the forcibly displaced persons. These entries are not extracts from the original texts, should not be cited as such, and are meant simply to facilitate further research.

We see this Compendium as a basis for further research into labor mobility, labor market integration and employment rights of the forcibly displaced.

Compendium of International Regional and National Legal Instruments on Forced Displacement

Dr. Mirjana Stankovic

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