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Director of the Law and Development Institute, Professor Y.S. Lee, has published a treatise on
law and development, entitled “Law and Development: Theory and Practice” (Routledge, 2019).
Publisher’s book link: 
The book examines the theory and practice of law and development. It reviews the evolution of
law and development studies and presents a general theory of law and development. The general
theory sets the conceptual parameters of “law” and “development” and explains the mechanisms
by which law impacts development. In the second part, the book applies the general theory to
analyze the development cases of South Korea and South Africa from legal and institutional
perspectives. The book also adopts, for the first time, the law and development approaches to
analyze the economic issues of the United States. It discusses why it is critical to developing the
Analytical Law and Development Model or “ADM.”
Law and Development Review (LDR) is open for article submission. Journal link:
LDR is a leading peer-reviewed academic journal dedicated to the area of law and development,
continuously operating since 2008. The journal seeks top-quality articles on law and
development issues broadly, from the developing world as well as from the developed world.
Many of the top scholars and practitioners in the field have edited LDR issues and published
articles in LDR. LDR is listed in numerous indexes, including SCOPUS and indexed by the Web
of Science.