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The International Society of Criminology (ISC) was founded in Rome, Italy in 1937. It welcomes all the scholars, practitioners, professors, students, activists and concerned citizens who study crime and criminal justice and who are actively contributing and supporting the development of laws and institutions that effectively address criminality and victimization in our society while strongly respecting human rights and the rule of law. The Society especially welcomes research, policymaking and interventions aimed at the root causes of crime and delinquency and their prevention more than punishment, incarceration and repression. At the ISC, we envision a just society where people are safe and supported in their communities and are treated with dignity and respect by the systems that are meant to serve them. The ISC seeks to promote just and equitable social systems for individuals, families, and communities through research, public policy, teaching, and practice. It values social justice based on equality, fairness, human rights, the dignity of the individual, integrity, innovative approaches, and global collaboration. The ISC leverages its illustrious historical record, knowledge and expertise to drive a concerted international effort to address crime and delinquency and the criminal justice system in an effective, sustainable, and balanced manner. It is truly an international society open to everyone and to all regions of the world as shown by its Board of Directors and is committed to strengthening criminology as a field of study, research and teaching all over the world. It is especially supportive of criminology in areas of the world where it is just being introduced and developed by opening international channels of communication and collaboration with more established and experienced programs and colleagues. The signature meeting of the ISC is the World Congress of Criminology first held in Rome, Italy in 1938 and most recently in Mexico (2014), India (2016) and Qatar (2019). The ISC publishes the International Annals of Criminology through Cambridge University Press.